10:52am (Philippines)
Everything is now coming into full circle.  The plan last night faltered, but it did for a reason.  My sister and my work here is not done.  This woman’s true colors unveiled in full force last night.  She is truly a bad, evil woman.  She was so sneaky.  When the final stages of cremation are going on, the back area is typically a secured place, and no one is allowed back there.  However, since my Dad’s half-sister knew the Director of the funeral place, people were allowed to go in and out of the restricted area. When the final stages of the cremation came, this woman went to the room and had them lock the door.  People were knocking and banging on the door, saying let the children go in to see their Dad.  When it was done, she walked out with the urn – sealed.  She was yelling at Kuya Will, demanding he put all the ashes in the urn, and seal it.  Which we learned is not common there after ashes are placed in the urn.  My Aunt T, Dad’s brother's wife, told her, when she walked out, go let the children hug their Dad, but she didn’t let us.  She just left. 

But that’s when the wheels started to move in motion.  How God, Dad, and Mom planned it.  This is about Dad, this is how Evelyn and I are going to make things right.

After the cremation, my Aunt T realized that my sister had paid for the entire funeral.  No one knew that.  I guess in the Philippines, the credit card receipt is not what they considered the original receipt…it’s actually this filled out document that says original receipt on it.  And that woman’s name was on it.  She also kept bragging how she paid for everything.  That night, Evelyn and I had enough!  We became the determined Rodriguez sisters we know; the sisters who will continue to go up to bat for Dad and will get things done…the right way.  No shortcuts and with pure hearts and only good intentions…that’s how Mom and Dad would want it.

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