5:30pm (Philippines)
So many thoughts.  So many reflective moments.  I don’t know where to begin – where it will end.  I have to admit my faith has strengthened while going through this.  We leave back to the US tomorrow.  I’m ready to go home, and be with my family.  Family- definitely a lesson to take away from all of this.

We got to see my Mom's side of the family today.  My cousins.  It was such an overwhelming feeling.  I felt like I was surrounded by family.  My cousins on my Mom’s side are so loving.  We went to the Mall of Asia to have dinner at the last place Evelyn, Dad, and I had dinner when we were in the Philippines in March.   As we all sat there, we told them the significance of this place – I started to cry, and my cousin Lilibeth, who was sitting next to me, grabbed me and hugged me.  I felt so safe.  I felt so loved. 

I told Evelyn, when we leave the Philippines, no matter what, we will leave with our heads held high, with dignity, and respect.  And that’s what we are doing.  We head home tomorrow, but we will return.  Our work is not done here yet.
11/15/2010 02:05:47 pm

We love you Vix! Hang in there!


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