Today Evelyn and I went to church.  I asked my Uncle if he wanted to go…he said no.  I told Evelyn he doesn’t have faith.  Evelyn says he’s scared.  That Uncle P does have faith, but he’s scared.  That he knows the wrong he has done. 

This man has already had two heart attacks, and he is still alive.  He kept telling my sister and me how he’s ready to go, to die.  That he has made his peace with God.  But that he thinks God is punishing him.  Umm…yup, God is!   My Dad was never worried about my Uncle Julio or Tita Sevilla.  He knew they were people of faith.  My Uncle P on the other hand…he needs a lot of work.  His soul is not pure.  He will never be re-united with my Dad or his family like this.  It is what you do in this lifetime that matters…and he continues to do wrong.  And then my sister and I realize:  that’s it.  If Dad died in the United States, I wouldn’t think twice about my Uncle.  I just felt like he was a lost soul.  But now I realize my Dad wants my sister and I need to guide my Uncle on the right path, and prepare him, so he can re-unite with his family.  I mean, he’s not even in line for the gates in heaven…and every time he had a heart attack, I can just see God and Dad's family saying, P, you are not ready.  You still need to make things right.  I pray for him.  I want to believe that with my Dad's passing, that he wants to make things right to…but I’ll have to be honest.  I’m not holding my breath.
8/21/2012 02:44:28 pm

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