Last week when I picked up the mail there was a letter from the Department of Veterans Affairs.  It was an invitation addressed to Mom, from the VA San Diego Healthcare System, to attend a Memorial Service and Reception to honor Dad, and other veterans that passed away during the months of October through January at the VA Hospital.  When I opened up that letter, I thought to myself... "that's right, this letter was addressed specifically to the wife of Vicente... my Mom Edith, and that's what the VA has on record!" 

It's been three months since Dad re-united with Mom, and each day I reflect about all the great and wonderful times I had with him.  When I think of all those memories, I can't help but smile and laugh.  Mom, Evelyn, and I had the best of Dad.  When I think of Mom and Dad's 32 year marriage, I think of what a strong and loving couple they were.  Always looking out for each other.  Such an authentic, real, unconditional love that can't compare to anything.  I remember how every Friday they used to go to the North Island Navy Base and watch all the new movies for only a buck!  Or when they would take Nala to Old Town and watch her run up the hill at Heritage Park; or when they'd walk around Downtown San Diego and visit their favorite Perfumeria - where they both got customized scents...gosh the list can go on and on.  Recently I came across some old letters that Dad wrote to Mom while he was away at sea.  When I read those letters I can see Dad's strong commitment to Mom and our family... always thanking Mom for staying strong, and making sure Evelyn and I are taken care of, telling her how much he missed her and loved her.  Although I'm sad that Dad and Mom are not physically here, I smile and feel a warmth in my heart knowing that they are creating new adventures in the after-life. 

2/22/2011 12:01:25 am

well its ok as long as my wife in valenzuela is receiving her monthly pension from va it doesnt matter, you are acting like an uneducated person, maybe she doesnt allowed to go to US because of pending petition, sooner you will see her, her immigrant visa is granted. did you pay all my debt, the house, the credit cards all my loans- your dad

2/22/2011 03:18:39 pm

an envelope with veterans affair but not from va per se,,its from health care system, wake up,its ok as long as pension is not under the name of dead one. be humble and be kind coz if not you might not see me anymore. no one stole my remains she is my wife-vrriii

2/24/2011 05:41:29 am

Go Ninang Edith, Ninong's true partner! :) I do miss seeing them together but am definitely comforted by the fact they are reunited. Everyone knows "M" has some serious issues and proves the devil sure exists...hahah! I think her evident responses here (posing as your 'ghost dad' (LOL)) are even more proof she needs some serious mental help. Back to your parents... Reminiscing about them together reminds us that God is truly present and gives us a little bit of heaven when we think of them. Lots of love!!! XOXO

2/24/2011 09:29:48 am

Thank you for sharing your memories. I will always remember how sweet and loving auntie and uncle were to each other. It never ceased to make me smile when I saw them together and it always gave me hope that true love is possible and that soulmates do exist.
I love you guys.

2/24/2011 09:32:25 am

and those first two comments posted here are just...weird.

9/13/2021 11:45:21 pm

Lovely blog you havee


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