Today would have been Dad's 61st birthday-- the first bday of his second lifetime, according to eastern astrology.  I'm actually so glad that he's starting this new life in heaven with Mom :)

Went to a Mass this morning, dedicated to the repose of Mom and Dad's souls.  And, it's so funny:  the first time the priest announced the Mass's devotion, he said Mom and Dad's names right (even though the church bulletin mis-printed Dad's name as "Vincente," yet again, haha).  But the second time, the priest said that the Mass was for "Athena and Vicente".  Athena, of course is the Greek goddess of wisdom and prudence, and her constant companion was Nike, spirit of victory.  Now, can you guess what "Vicente" means?  If you guessed "Victorious," you get to blow out one of Dad's bday candles!  Together, Athena and Nike led armies to fight for just causes.

Coincidence?  No such thing!  I believe that this was Dad's way of telling us, on his first (re-)birthday:  I am still at your Mom's side, and you can trust that, together, we will lead you to wisdom, justice and victory.  Thanks, Dad, for the inspiring life you lead; and thanks for continuing to teach and intrigue us from the afterlife.  We love you so much.

10/27/2013 05:57:56 am

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