In celebration of what would have been Mom's 57th birthday, today I went to Mass.  I guess Mom must've been up to her old tricks, because I did something I never do:  I got there early.  As I pondered whether I'd missed Mass entirely (it just never dawned on me that I'd be there before Mass started!), mom lead me the altar for St. Joseph; and there, for the first time in my five years as a parishioner at St. Agnes, I saw this prayer on the wall.  It felt like mom gave me a birthday gift, because I've really been asking our parents: What do you want us to do?  And this makes it clear:  serve God generously,  fight for God bravely and relentlessly, and find fulfillment in knowing that our work is being used to help God's will to unfold.

Of course, this isn't as clear as "do this, do that;" but I read it as reassurance that Vix and I are following the right path.  We are still fighting-- but this fight is no longer about just us or our family.  It's for all those who are vulnerable-- because of grief, or illness, or age, or generosity, like Dad-- from being exploited by unconscionable people.  It's about helping the vets, in particular.  It's about helping the people Dad really hoped his clinic would serve.  And, because it's about something much bigger now, and because I do sense that this is what our parents want for us, and what God's asking us to do, I am prepared to be unyielding.  So, let's just say, I hope no one's planning to stand in our way.

To celebrate mom's birthday (and her gift!) at the end of the day, Vix and I Skyped, and both blew out two cakes together.  My wish for mom?  Well, I can't say, or else it won't come true!  But if today's any indication... I think it already has started to become reality :)  Happy birthday, Mom.  Hope you and Dad are having a wonderful party. 

3/10/2011 02:19:44 pm

You are such a great daughter. You make me so proud to be your friend.


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