I had a dream last night.  Vicky and I were at the beach, well away from where the water should've come.  We'd layed down our towels, and I was watching the tide come in, when I realized it was going to keep coming-- it wasn't going to stop before reaching us.  So, we got caught in it-- a massive wave.  I remember seeing it above us, before it hit us, and being stunned that this was happening.  And scared.  But knowing what to do.  It was like surfing.  We'd have to paddle with it.  So, we survived that....  But then, after we re-situated ourselves on a kinda-cliff, another enormous wave came and got us.  And I remember thinking:  We can survive this too, as long as we can breathe.  And amazingly, everytime I needed to get a breath, I just craned my neck toward where I thought I could break the surface... and I found air.

No questions about why this dream came to me.  It's just what our waking lives have been:  non-stop worst-case-scenarios; and just when we think we might have gotten a break, something else threatens to drown us.  But most importantly:  There's a higher force out there, making sure that we always find air.  We will endure.

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