It’s been one month since Dad passed away—and both of us feel like we've aged 20 years.  Since the website’s been launched, Vix and I have returned to work, we have welcomed a new family member (my husband’s new nephew: Ajax Campos-Flores!), we have continued planning our father’s memorial, we have started crossing items off our to-do lists again... and we have been deeply, deeply touched by the friends, both near and far, who have reached out and extended the kindness and love that has helped us find the faith and strength to keep moving, in the face of everything since our father’s death. 

No question: we are tired.  We’ve had a good number of moments (and days), when we’ve been plagued with impatience… doubts… anger… sorrow.  But, amazingly, we haven’t been broken.  Although we haven’t been able to reply to everyone personally, the words our friends have sent, the prayers they have spoken with and for us, and the memories of our father that they have shared, have really—each and every one—helped replenish our souls, and reminded us that, in spite of our present circumstances, we are blessed.  Blessed to be a part of so many “second-families” in San Diego and San Francisco; blessed to have had two magnificent parents, for over thirty years; and blessed (even if it's in a mixed way) to now have a matchless opportunity to show everyone just what kind of women our parents made us, through the strength, endurance, and commitment to justice we are determined to hang onto, no matter what.

So, for Dad’s one-month anniversary, we want to (finally) extend a heartfelt thank-you to everyone who has written us/ called us/ prayed with us.  And we are posting some of the Dad-memories and encouragement we have received-- that have made us smile, cry, laugh, and, most of all, have helped carry us through the past 31 days.  We've begun posting them on this new page, "Dad Stories". 

Thank you, everyone.

And thank you, Dad, for touching so many lives, in so many ways.
10/12/2013 12:33:21 pm

Was just looking for a site like this, thanks


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