Mission... Accomplished!
A couple of blogs ago, I mentioned that Vicky and Pedro were on a third honeymoon last weekend... so, without further ado, let me tell you why.

On the morning of Friday, May 6, 2010-- two days before Mother's Day, one month after Mom and Dad's 36th Anniversary (ok, it was one month + one day after), and a whopping SIX YEARS after they first were engaged-- Pedro Reyes and Vicky Ibatan Rodriguez were legally wed in a cozy, sunlit room on the second floor of San Diego's City Hall.

Pedrito Reyes served as best man, and Ellina, Tenoch, myself and (you know what's coming up!) NALA were their witnesses :) 

Afterwards, our small party enjoyed brunch at The Mission Cafe (home and birthplace of one of Dad's finest inventions, the "Vincent Vega"!); then, we brought everyone's bouquets over to Mom at the Holy Cross Mausoleum.  That night, Vix and Pedro spent their first night of wedded bliss in a special suite at the Andaz Hotel.  Two weeks later, they spent a weekend at the Wynn in Vegas.  Last weekend, they partied with la Familia Reyes at their favorite set of condos in San Felipe. 

And, this November, they've got plans to hold a church ceremony and throw a big fiesta.  All of us are THRILLED that it's finally official; and we're really looking forward to bringing everyone together for a Rodriguez (y Reyes!) event that's for a HAPPY occasion!  We hope it's the first of many that we'll get to share with you this year :)

K. Spilker
6/15/2011 11:11:31 am

Felicidades Pedro y Vicky...les deseo lo mejor de la vida!!! Que vivan los novios!


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