Yesterday, I promised that we'd start filling you in on what Vicky and I have been up to since we last posted.  But there's just SO MUCH, I don't know where to begin!!!

So, I'm going to take the same strategy I use when I'm trying to tidy up the house:  I'm just going to get the easy stuff out of the way first.

Why do I suddenly have some time to work on the blog?
I'm on summer vacation!  And it's the first summer break I've had as a newly-minted, tenured professor!  March 15, exactly a week before Dad's birthday (which is kind of weird, since I filed for tenure exactly one week before Dad died), my Dean called to let me know that the University had decided that I should be awarded tenure, and that I've earned promotion to Associate Professor!  The news has made this the first summer I feel like I can really enjoy, without the anxiety of moving, or wondering if I'm doing enough work, in years.

And what did Tenoch do on the anniversary of Mom's death?
The four-year anniversary of Mom's death fell on a teaching-day for me-- Monday, April 4.  So, this made it the first year that I haven't been able to go down to San Diego to be with the family, and visit Mom's grave.  I was really sad and worried about it, especially because Tenoch had to be in Sacramento that day, too.  Tenoch knew this, but I didn't realize how much he understood, until... I walked into my office after a meeting, and saw these:  
The most beautiful flowers I've ever received-- sitting on my desk!  Tenoch had them delivered to work!  (From a local florist called fleur*t-- which I thought was SO crazy.  Get it?  Tenoch Flores = t*flores!)  (Oh-- wait.  I want to mention that I got surprise-flowers from Krys, too, after she heard about my promotion.  Those were gorgeous, too!  Mom's favorites: tulips :) )  Fittingly, since Mom loved when stuff like this happened, since Mom's Anniversary, my female colleagues have been swooning over Tenoch's thoughtfulness-- it even inspired (pressured?) another hubby into having flowers delivered to my office-neighbor. 

* Sidenote: I chose the title of today's blog because Mom also loved singing the theme from Love Story :)

Alright.  That's all the easy stuff for today.  More updates to come, so stay tuned.  It gets gets juicier...
6/8/2011 02:01:30 am

CONGRATS on your Tenure! I'm so proud of you, and so happy for you. I know how hard you worked, and I remember your stress level the last time I visited you in SF so I know how much this means.

Vicky called me shortly after she got married and I wanted to say "it's about time", but then I thought, "bad example" hahaha.

I'll keep this one short. Congrats again to both of you on the latest of what I expect to be an infinite number of lifetime achievements and milestones!


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